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Freelance Translation Services

My name is Korina Hansel. I am a professional language service provider with extensive experience in translation, proof-reading, linguistic sign-offs, terminology research, and language consultancy.

In over 15 years of business I have gained experience in a wide variety of topics, processes and formats in as many industry sectors.

Partner in Language Services

I mostly work project-based for international translation agencies and consultant companies or provide excellent language services for corporate and private clients.

If you require language services, please contact me or see my social profiles.

Language Services

As a project- or contract-based freelance linguist I offer a wide range of language-related services for my clients in a variety of industries and sectors:

Having worked with numerous clients in the past, I have learned to adapt to different processes and requirements when offering linguistic experiences.

I can support your organisation throughout the whole content production cycle — from style-guide consultancy, terminology research, authoring to translation and localisation, proofreading, and post-translation edit.

Please contact me to request information about my rates and fees.

  • Translation
  • Proofreading & reviews
  • Language and style consulting & content optimisation
  • Terminology research
  • Linguistic sign-offs (LSOs)
  • Pre- and post-translation edit
  • Other services upon request

Expertise and Experience

My linguistic expertise and topic experience are naturally based on personal interest, education, and training — mostly, however, my expertise and experience draw from a long list of clients I worked for and a number of projects I successfully concluded.

Industries, sectors, and topics of expertise

  • Technical Translations
  • I.T., technology & software
  • Heavy machinery
  • Automotive & engineering
  • Marketing & Content Marketing
  • General & politics
  • Patent translation
  • Legal (Terms & Conditions, Licensing, etc.)

Software and Tools

In terms of tools and software I use, I am most comfortable with SDL Studio. However, I also work with the following translation tools to ensure the use of consistent, client specific terminology:

  • SDL Studio 2014
  • Alchemy Catelyst
  • Idiom WorldServer Desktop Workbench
  • memoQ

From non-agency clients I typically accept projects in the following formats

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, etc.)
  • OpenOffice & LibreOffice
  • PDF
  • Other formats upon request


I am a firm believer in the mother tongue principle and consequently only accept translation projects into German. For corporate and agency clients, I offer additional services, including editing and consulting, in either English or German.

Bilingual services & Translation English / German

  • Translation services
  • Post-editing
  • Linguistic sign-off

Mono-lingual Services in English

  • Terminology services
  • Pre-translation edit
  • Drafting

... and additionally in German

  • Mono-lingual translation
  • Post-editing
  • Draft-reviews
  • Style & Tone of Voice consulting
  • Styleguide creation
  • Content optimisation
  • Authoring

Upon request I offer further services and in co-operation with a network of freelancers, I am able to cover a wide spectrum of services in multiple languages.

My Professional Network

I regularly work with other highly qualified freelancers on smaller and larger projects. Together we are able to cover a much wider spectrum of services than alone.

If you require services outside of my core competencies, please do not hesitate to contact me nonetheless. Most likely I will be able to refer you to highly qualified and motivated professionals or work together with them to successfully complete your projects.

This network of freelancers includes translators, journalists, graphic and product designers, programmers, and professionals of other trades.


I am based near Potsdam, Germany. Nonetheless, I regularly work for customers and agencies from all over the world.

Please contact me to inquire about projects, my rates, and current and future availability.

For initial contact and project requests, please send requests via social networks or email.


Korina Hansel
Waldrandweg 15
14548 Schwielowsee


Tel: +49 176 830 70 460


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